I had my son at Reston Hospital in Reston, VA in 2006 the experience was wonderful. So wonderful that I planned to have a second child there - this hospital is over 40 miles from my house but my experience in 2006 was so wonderful I didn't mind.

Clearly the economy has taken a toll on this hospital the nurses are rude and now they have cell phones. So if I want my nurse I call her on her cell phone and she picks up. But if she is taking your blood or working with you she stops and will answer the phone of another patient. How annoying and rude - I don't want a cashier to answer the phone while they are with me certainly not my nurse.

Everything was rush rush and I felt like a number. My epidural did not take I felt every part of my C-section after screaming for proper pain medication - and being high as a kite they started bringing me my baby. I'm like don't bring me the baby had I'm high on meds - further the nurse assigned to me was assigned to my baby - so pray do tell: How can you be taking care of me and my baby is screaming in the room with all the other babies. Can't call that room a nursery because I feel the babies were not being well cared for.

Do not have a baby here unless you want to feel like an animal and/or be treated like one - rude nurses and they new business model would work better if they were servicing widgets not humans that have just had a baby. Shame on you Reston Hospital maternity ward

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I recently delivered my daughter at Reston hospital and had a wonderful experience. The nurses were caring and thoughtful throughout delivery and after.

I read many different comments online before delivery and was nervous about Reston Hospital because of blogs like this one, but your experience is what you make of it. I found the nurses to be extremely professional and helpful.

My baby stayed with me in my room the entire time, and the nurses were in and out to help if I needed anything.

I'm sorry that the person who wrote this post had a bad experience, but I must say that you could have a bad experience anywhere- especially if your pain medication doesn't take as it should.


Nurse andrea march works at Reston hospital and constantly steals prescriptions drugs to sell yo her friends or snorts during her shifts. She is a danger to the public and I would hate to see anyone be hurt by her negligent care.


You sound very selfish and ignorant in this post.

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